As you age, your needs for easy access and maneuverability change, and yet most Americans wish to remain in their homes in their maturing years. In order to live in your home later in life, you need safe and comfortable independent living, regardless of your age or ability level. CAPS (Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists) was developed by the National Association of Home Builders and AARP for that very purpose. By hiring Smart & Handy, you will have the right tools at your disposal to age in place!

Our goal is to keep you in your home.

CAPS is the only designation program dedicated to the older adult market, and Smart & Handy is a certified CAPS contractor. CAPS connects consumers with needs with trained professionals who can provide solutions. That's us! Our contractors are reliable, honest and highly qualified to modify, design, and build a safe and barrier-free home. We can transform your Orange County home into a safe, accessible, convenient sanctuary, while maintaining its beauty and keeping it suited to your style and tastes. And getting a CAPS remodel not only provides you with the safety that will keep you in your home longer, but it can actually add resale value to your home AND save you money! Transforming your home with Smart & Handy usually costs less than a single year in an assisted living facility. We use low-maintenance, affordable materials to save you money and make everyday life easier. Some of the CAPS services we provide for kitchens include:
  • Sun tunnels for plenty of natural light (that won't leak like some skylights)
  • Plenty of drawers for storage and accessibility
  • Adequate maneuvering space
  • Recessed or protected plumbing
  • Roll-under sinks and counters
  • Adjustable or varied counter heights
  • Accessible appliances
  • Accessible storage
  • Cooktop with pull-out stool
  • Pull-out cabinetry
  • Lower, crank-style windows
  • Universal Design kitchens
  • Adjustable sink
  • Foot pedals for hot and cold water
  • Slide-in cabinet doors
  • Appliance lifts
  • High toe kicks
  • Side-opening oven
  • Cool induction cooktop
  • Rolling island
  • Touch control faucet
  • Pot filler
  • Raised dishwasher
Keep your independence and stay in your home as long as possible. Let Smart & Handy design a safe and convenient kitchen that's perfect for you! Call us at (888) 963-2514 today—we look forward to serving you!