Garage Services

If you're like most homeowners, your garage has become a disorganized mess that serves as a catch-all for anything you're not using that moment. And you could really use the extra space too, but the thought of organizing a garage can be on par with climbing Mount Everest. Never fear, Smart & Handy is here! Simply hand over your garage "To Do" list and we'll get started! It's time to utilize your precious garage space and properly organize the hodge-podge of tools, cleaning products, paint, seasonal decorations and old clothes. Who knows? We might just be able to make enough room to park a car! Smart & Handy's expert craftsmen will gladly hang shelves and hooks to help you de-clutter your garage, and even build shelving or storage units for all your tools and supplies. While we're at it, we can add flooring, lighting and a staircase or ladder to your attic for the Halloween costumes, holiday decorations, old toys and high school memorabilia you can't bear to part with. No matter what condition your garage is in, Smart & Handy can help you optimize your space wisely. Contact us today—we look forward to serving you!